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  1. Dear Vivian Dixon-Sober:
    Thank you so much for allowing me to express my sorrow. I had a feeling of emptiness inside. However, through your website, it allowed me to pen my words. The loss of a mother is so tramatic. I feel that I am able to come to your site and be heard. I hope you continue to keep victorious women and men in your future plans- It is so much needed!


    1. You’re welcome

      Breathe in…..Breathe out…………

      Bing, that is why I am here.

      Remember, writing to heal is real. I am not just talking. I am walking, writing, healing and finding myself with you and all you want to write with me.


  2. Great blog, wonderful name. Thanks so much for making a comment on my blog. It’s a wonderful wide world, isn’t it?

  3. I am impressed with your style of writing. It causes you to use the mind and read between the line. Hope to see more of it.

    1. Dear Mary,
      Thank you for spending time with me. You will see more of it. I Write. Write. Write. I hope to always have time for people who have time for me.

      Thank you for your support,

      Vivian Dixon Sober

  4. Hello Vivian,

    I just want to say that i enjoyed your poetry and i felt it was very inspirational. I believe that writing gives people opportunities to express themselves and i feel that you have express yourself quite
    beautifully. I especially enjoyed the Haiti poem, very real and down to earth. That is what makes enjoyable reading.

    Look forward to reading more and keep up the good work.


  5. John,

    Your poem bought tears to my eyes. Thank you for writing with me. VictoriousWomen welcomes VictoriousMen. I inspired you to write. You inspired me because you responded to what I totally believe. What’s going on in Haiti is awful. Let’s prepare our emergency kits.
    Who says we are not next? Only God knows what the future holds.


  6. Hey Viv –

    I am so glad we met and have become friends.
    I enjoyed yr poem about Haiti immensely –

    I found it difficult
    to view the images
    of devastation
    in the paper
    burning the images
    in the fireplace
    as kindling
    hoping that would
    make them go away
    only to see
    them again in the paper
    the next day
    and then I remembered
    telling a friend
    to embrace everything
    in life embrace it fully
    and so I embrace it fully
    acknowledge, heal
    acknowledge, heal
    acknowledge, heal
    nature’s shifting
    of the earth
    shifting of life,
    sifting through
    returning to earth

    Thanks for reminding me that
    writing is a power that heals
    and transforms.

    paz, paz, paz


  7. Very inspirational lady. She has been able to motivate me to start writing and speaking to young men at risk and in general about becoming men of integrity. Thanks for your encouragement and assistance w/ the public speaking hook up. Stay focused.

    1. 37,
      “Wear it,” you said.
      “You’re fired,” I said.
      You were rehired because your analogy was sensible. I got the point. You will actually do very well helping young men. Hey, I’m a woman. You helped me too. Your words are powerful–illustrations even better. You will be inspirational in helping people who hear you. I did. I thank you. Stay focused you say. I will–new friend.


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