Sick To Life

“I’m sick to life,” friend girl says
 speaking of her emotional head
or heart within
My circumstances have changed
I’m no longer in chains
I couldn’t see my way out

God is my light
Led me out
of what friend girl refers to as Sick to Life

When we’re depressed
we’re angry
Mad as …

We know things must change
 they don’t
we don’t make it happen
We are sick to death
Can’t get out of bed
Tired of living sounds good
We sigh!
Wanna die

Our thoughts continue
to give us the speck of light that we deny
we talk ourselves right out of our change
Then we hear
 “Whose responsiblity is it to take care of You?”
Mine, oh, mine
Something changes inside
We pray and we pray
PUSH as they say
Pray Until Something Happens
We lay and we pray
tired of physically fighting for life
Until we understand 
the worst is behind
 life is ahead
we will never get out of bed
With that said:
It is better to say
there she goes
than there she lay
Vivian Dixon Sober