Haiti Makes Me Feel Guilty For Pursuing My Needs

Turned on the TV
Haiti is a seen
People laying rurally
dead or bloody
A Natural disaster

Pain stricken faces
Tears flow
Groans from the toes

Haiti almost makes me feel guilty for pursuing basic needs
my heart is broken
Haitian people live off nothing

What is that
Haitians are poor
Happy until the uproar

Reality sets in
People who can live with less
are not screaming about the loss of material things
Picture albums
Wide screen TV’s
Sentimental things
Life is all they want

Americans need prayer
The Haitians are already there

The American Dream
Inflated Indeed
Beyond our basic needs
Founded Upon Materialism
Money, money, money is all we need to possess
Beautiful Things
Fine wine and cuisine

Reality Please
The American Dream Updated
No Jobs
No insurance
Founders who helped pave the roads are now old
Laid off—replaced by youth
Retirements stolen
standing in food lines
looking for something free
out of line with the American dream
Natural disasters everywhere

I am an American
eating food I can’t afford
lights go out

Program interrupted
The American Dream is on
Life support with no electricity
It can’t breathe on its own

Oh, My God
We don’t need the American Dream
We have too much
But a job
We do need
Computer off too
Have we been fools

Americans can’t pay the bills
Don’t stop them from coming
feel like running

I need work to pay my way
but Watching the Haitians
makes me feel guilty for even thinking
about calculating my cost
when so many are lost

Vivian Dixon Sober©