When You Hate Yourself

When You Hate Yourself

When you hate yourself no one can love you. When you hate yourself, you drink poison, you eat poison, you talk poison. You are poison. You hurt other people. You will reap. You are no exception. You dig your own grave. What you plan for others entraps you. You’re down. Out of control. Your friends know. But they don’t help because they are you. Misery loves misery.  They will never help you.  They are not your friends.

Friends do not watch you jump off the bridge.  If they know, they have a boat below.

When you hate yourself, you don’t become what others think of you–that’s called blaming others for what you do. When you hate yourself, you become the negative voice in your mind.  Is that your voice or mine?  You believe some one else’s opinion of you.   You become who you are not.  What you are not–pain causes you to become.