Say What?

I ain’t talking to you today
’cause I don’t wanna say
what you wanna hear
I’ve got a mind
a heart
I wish I could share
I’ll spare you the pain
cause you can’t accept what I wanna say
and I’m not gonna say
what you wanna hear
today or any day
unless it’s true
from my heart
or it ain’t worth a paper cart

it’s how I stroll

Say what?

Sure I care about someone besides me, myself, and I
what’s wrong with you
what’s right with you
what’s wrong with me
what’s right with me

Diversity is glorious thing
Individuality is more important
Don’t you think

Say What?

Respect is a must
but being true to myself
doesn’t mean I’m disrespecting you
Diversity we claim
Yet fail to understand
We live on the same planet
But in different worlds

Say What?

No, it’s not race
What do you mean color
This applies to siblings too

Was I raised in your world
or you in mine
be yourself
it’s easier
I don’t appreciate fakes
I tossed my selection of masks
they remind me of snakes

I will not turn your reality into fiction
I can enter your world without losing me
everything is not black and white
by your definition or by mine