Consoling The Soul With Lies

Love holds you close. It doesn’t push you away. “But he loves me,” women say. What do the facts display? His conduct toward you is the eye-opening clue. What! you just got slapped. He told you he didn’t want you and put you out. Real men, though few, these things they don’t do. What! Did I hear you correctly. He calls you names. You’re stupid he says to you in front of his friends. Calling you stupid is bad enough, but saying it in front of his friends is a display of the wicked man he is within. But he doesn’t hit me physically some women say. Sounds like mental cruelty.

Is mental cruelty and emotional abuse worse than physical pain? Are you a prisoner serving time?

Didn’t your mama raise you?

Then consider yourself raised. You’re not a child. Children can’t protect themselves. You can.

Stop consoling your soul with lies when the truth is looking you in the eye.

Love holds you close. It doesn’t push you away. Consider yourself raised. It only takes one time. Take control. Look that he-she in his eyes.

You’re a woman not a girl. He should treat you like a pearl. Holding you and polishing you and encouraging you to be your best, and hold you close at night when you rest. That’s the calibre of a man at his best. You don’t need nobody to run you down. You’re not his jolly clown. To him you do not “Bow Down.”

You’re afraid of pain, you say. Painworththegrowth–I say. Only then will you find the jewel you are within. Are you your own friend? You held out your arms to hold him close. He grabbed your arms and pushed you out the door. That was your love that he tore. So you want more? No! Good bye and good riddance to fake love.

Open up your heart and understand that true love doesn’t push you away. It holds you close to start a new day. If you ain’t got that, it’s time for the get-a-way.