How To Invite Pain Into Your Life

I am very outgoing and never meet a stranger. That’s good and bad. It’s good because I can talk to anyone who speaks English and smile and cry with those who do not. Emotional languages are international. It’s bad because I make friends quickly, and, then when they turn out to be jealous-hearted haters, I’m hurt. I chose them, right?

Yes, I did. I was nice to them. They were nice to me. Well, that’s pretty much how I have made friends all of my life, and I have few.

Lonely and gravely disrespected people use this pattern. I have been disrespected from childhood and lived in a very lonely world at home. Moms could never get really close to me. We couldn’t sit on the same horse, she’d say. I was never as good or as smart as my sisters. That affected me. I have made too many bad decisions that cost me emotionally but benefited others. I’m not complaining. Just communicating. I’m calling all the people who feel the same way.

I’m happy I recognize my MO. I can help myself.

I am in the Obama mode when he was in school. I stay to myself, read, and educate. I will not consciously invite pain into my life anymore. Life does that without our consent.

I am a good friend. So the adage, “You’ve got to be a friend to make a friend” is out the window. I just replaced it, “You’ve got to love yourself, know yourself, and be able to be yourself with the friends you choose. Use caution, and stop telling all your business.”