I Just Can’t Save You This Time

I Just Can’t Save You This Time
There are so many mothers who, for whatever reason only God knows, throw their babies in garbage cans. Those women and young girls I don’t understand.

But this evening my heart is heavy. I’m concerned about the mothers who gave their children their life blood, their sweat, and their tears–went without for too many years so their children could have–did have. We thought we were there for them throughout their crucial years. So why are those kids over dosing on poison–no matter what vice it is? Disrespecting their souls. They are cold and just don’t know. Evil lurks in dark places and light.

Many tears I cry, but I just can’t save you this time.

All mothers make mistakes. My mother did. I did. If I had it to do again, a mother I just couldn’t be. It’s too painful. Life is hard. We, mothers, do not want our children to get caught up in this wicked world’s net. We teach, but in the end, each child’s coping skills is embedded within.

I moan. I didn’t do everything right. In this I take no delight.

I love you so much. I Just Can’t Save You This Time.

Forgive me child, grownfolk, and childgrown.

Many tears I cry, but I just can’t save you this time.