No More Skank Tears

Women treat women so bad. They gossip, slander, and wear skank pants to show their assets or their liabilities to their best friend’s man. We cause other women pain as though it’s a game.

No More Skank Tears, No More Skanks in my face. Believe me when I say, I don’t have time for Skanks. They come in different races, sizes, and some are even highly educated.

We just can’t take it to the next level with Skanks. Real women please understand. Skanks we don’t often identify. They are our friends or people we associate with. They will help us with anything they say. They want to be in our space. Skanks! Be Gone. Control your own goings-on.

Tears only cleanse the soul but to a Skank they just can’t flow. Crying doesn’t help. Let’s get focused and back to business.