What Now?

I sit shocked with a compassionate heart. Struggling for change seems like a game, and we’re not willing participants.

Yesterday, we sisters, all mothers, talked about our personal struggles. What’s been keeping us from charging forward? Our grown kids who manipulated our lives to cater to them. Or a piece-a-man in our so-called relationships.

We said we were done catering to others and neglecting ourselves. Finished! It’s our time–not theirs. They’ve had their day. No respect do we get from them anyway. We made up our minds. We will win this time.

Then life tossed its own course. A beloved family member died the same day. What about our struggles? Who threw that rock?

The enemy who heard us speak of change. How will we maintain now that we’re in pain, grieving from our deepest parts? Love conquers evil. We must look to God and continue on.

Another obstable course. But, our journey has not ended. Just altered with another twist designed to kill.