My Husband

When women continuously refer to their husbands as “My Husband,” I think they are trying to convince themselves that he is their husband. Does your husband have a name? “Husband” is a title or a position. My Husband,My Husband, My Husband–especially when the person knows their husband by his name–that’s too bad. Those women are unhappily married. I wish they could hear themselves. Marriage is an honorable union. Every woman should love, respect, and be proud of her husband. Women who are in love glow. Their husband has a life. They have a life and together they roll.

I am talking about women who cannot–absolutely cannot–have a five minute conversation without saying My Husband. These women have many ways of saying it–of pronouncing it. My Hussssband, My Huzzzband, My Hus band

I, Jane Doe take John Doe as my lawfully wedded husband……
What is with this “My Husband,” title talk about? Everyone knows he is her husband but her. I feel sorry for these women. These women are tired and terribly unhappy. They are trapped.

There are no more lights, cameras, or action.


2 thoughts on “My Husband

  1. From: Bren

    My Husband
    I am happily married!!!
    At least this is what I say
    In order to keep all my friends and people I meet at bay.
    To fool myself and all around
    But really!! Whatever happened to my husband?
    He just can’t be found.
    When I say my husband this and my husband that.
    I try to remember his name but it just want come back.
    Which Universe did he fly off and disappear too.
    He never even bored to take me along.
    I am 10 years in my undercover bliss.
    The man I married will be sorely missed.
    I ask myself time and time again
    Who is this man that I see coming at me.
    A dutiful wife I have to be.
    I am still being a good wife by saying “My husssband”
    The love we had has just somehow escaped.
    But this is not the only attribute that break free.
    Respect, kindness, and patience just raced away surprisingly.
    This is why I can’t remember or recognize him today.
    By saying my husband the mind goes back in time.
    Today I am really just trying to survive this marriage.
    So I will be saying my husband this and my husband that.
    If you really look at us you will see how happy we are with glee.

    1. Hey you,

      I respect marriage and married people. It, of course, is not my favorite subject. Our show will soon air. We appear to be men haters, but that is not the case. I disdain married hypocrites. Is there a faithful man left? One who really loves his wife. I think so. Is there a man who doesn’t want to cheat? Let’s answer that question on our show. Until then, I’m not interested in finding a man because I believe I am looking for dinosaurs.

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