Got The Nerve To Ask Us Why

Seeing is....
Dude, I Love Me.

Divorce is a trip—an actually place where traveling exists. Who is traveling?
Family and friends—scared to death we are going to ask them for something. Paint it as it is: they were never friends. Do they think divorce is contagious? Or are they just too busy chasing what they do not know–your ex? The divorce rate is high between a woman and a man or a boy-man, or man-she. But it is very low when it comes to a boy-man, a she-he, and his remote control.

Change is always hard—especially when a woman is abused. She’s beat down mentally and emotionally. She is sick—actually physically sick. So why should she care if he watches T.V.? Let him watch his watch. As long as he ain’t watching you or me, that is the key. We have watched Him too long. We went to our special place within where dignity resides and we stepped.

Ingrates don’t deserve us. We are women—not diseases—the feminine one—you know, the mother, the teacher, the nurse, the cook, the housecleaner—the master and his slave. Tired became action. In ingrates, we take no delight.

No one calls us names: lazy, stupid, nasty, fat B’s—and the list goes on.

We don’t accept or respect a bully in any shape or form. So, to you we say stay out of our face—you’re not accepted in our space. You no longer invade.

Victorious Women don’t talk to people who belittle, tell lies, and devise wicked schemes. We have eyes. We can see you. We just don’t want to be you. We are Victorious. The moment is ours.

Look up in the sky. It’s a bird; it’s a plane. It’s your misinterpretation. Look closer and see it’s a group of shining stars—not falling stars—but  shining stars—Victorious Women who just broke out of prison.



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