We Know What Love Is Not!

There is always a song connected to pain
It used to be your favorite before the heartbreak
But now when you hear it your mind plays a
Scene—the song you once loved becomes the theme
To an unwanted memory

I am not a fair-weather friend
I told a friend about a song—associated with my father’s death
Oh! Sooooooooooo painful—I loved him—my daddy

She was listening to music when I called
I heard the ‘60s whine

I said, “Those songs take me to sorrowful place.”
I’m on her line, but how will she respect my pain?

She’s  not obligated
It’s a Victorious Thing
I know when she’s hurting
I could take those moments
to tear her down
she would never be able to get up from the ground
But what kind of person would that make me?
I’m very cognizant of other people’s needs.

Then I heard—the theme to my horrible memory
the song hurts my soul, I said. 
I wasn’t telling her something new
But as they say, The Band Played On

A complete film was going through my mind
Photos I just couldn’t handle

“I must hang up now.”

“Bye,” she said, abruptly before hanging up.
That is my final memory of her. 

Victorious women are respected and respect others.  We take the facts of our friends’ life into consideration.  Victorious Women are into me, myself, and I because we have to be.  No one is more important than We, but we know when “Self” becomes unimportant.  We do not pursue ourselves when our friends are in pain. 

We Know What Love Is Not!