I Have A New Bag

I have a new bag
and it’s full of the past
ALL Yesterdays and Pains
Loves and Hates
That being the case
I had to really think

Use my head for something more than a hat rack
Cause hats don’t think
Closely examined my new bags contents

I saw a past I had to get pass
I forgave the pains of yesterdays as it was the only way for me to change
I forgave Heartaches, Loves and Hates

Realizing I live in the past
I tossed my bag in the trash
really trashing trash

That being the case
I Have a new bag that’s full of hope
Now moments

No referrals to the thens unless it’s something new
Rebuilding and attending to my dreams and my needs
The makings of Me

My New Identity

Vivian Dixon Sober