Click Out The S#^%.

Girl called me
Talked about a Depressed Soul
As though her words be happy, think positive, give yourself a make-over would be the activating remedy, “You’re not talking,” she said.

I was listening to all that self-righteous mess. Finally, I asked, “Why can’t she be who she is?  Why does she have to be who you want her to be?”

Anger arrives.  I don’t know why.  If she were standing next to me, I would see it in her eyes.  She said, “We have had entirely too many disagreements………….,” before hauling me into Her criminal court of law.

Why do people have to persecute others with their opinions? If clinical depressants or depressants period (who are we to judge) would be healed by hearing a few words or demands, there would be no depressed souls. 

“Wahph, wahph, wahph,…………………………. Too many disagreements and this ain’t the first time.”

“Well, I never knew about the others.  This is important, Listen.  My mother raised me.  Therefore, I consider myself raised. I’ve heard your opinion.  Now hear mine. I enforce  The Book of Vivian.”

I am not being rude. I don’t need to walk in another’s shoes to be compassionate.  If I continue on this road,  I will  be victim of  her  reality–her visionary mind–or false accusations and assaults against me.   I am a Victorious Woman—Click–the phone is on the hook.  Click out the s#^%.

Vivian Dixon Sober


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