When Black Is In

My mind runs continuously
My thoughts are questions
about the world we live in

When I was born the roads were paved
and I wasn’t a slave
not actually, any way

Figuratively, now that’s another thing 

As a child, I learned while watching TV and from my personal life’s experiences
that white is right and supposeldy connected to the light
I was called black but when I peered at my crayons, I was brown—a beautiful pecan brown 

I and everyone in my race was considered the same—though our colors ranged from what was considered to be white to blue black. I wondered who created the color scheme, Eve?

She was easy to deceive; a talking snake and she believed
White kids thought they were better than me
Called me and people in my race names

Our hair is ugly; our features too large; we look monkeys

We became ashamed and most went through a phrase of wanting to be white
and have silky straight hair that we could flip from side to side that would make things right
We could delight and pretend to be white

Everything white is good
Black things are associated with the darker side even in Hollywood
White people stole our shows became filthy rich
Just the times we live in

Darkness is bad; a black cat is demonic
Black people are ignorant and have big lips

Why are white folks having plastic surgery paying big bucks to look like us to become ugly
They made us feel bad—sad for our God given gifts
Jealously is a trip

Eventually, I learned to love myself, my nappy hair, and my features
Black is beautiful to me—one of my favorite colors
Brown people look good in black and whites folks do too

They toss their thoughts about black when evening comes
Every woman knows she should own a little black dress
and shouldn’t every man wear a black tuxedo to a black tie affair

 That’s when black is associated with class

 Black is in—Then

Vivian Dixon Sober
All Rights Reserved