A White Lie is OK.  Too Many People Say. Don’t want to Hurt anyone’s Feelings.

Resort to Lying.  It’s all right.  There is No Such thing as a White Lie.  A Lie is A Lie Who Can Deny Let Your Yes Mean Yes And Your No Mean No. Isn’t that the Biblical Flow?

Some Lies Hurt.  Some Lies Protect.  But What If Lies Exist Only In Your Head?  Can We Call That Deception.  The Mind Can Tell Us Lies.  The Heart Deceives. Doesn’t Keep It From Being Our Reality.  That’s Why I Say: Put Your Mind On Paper.  Look At Your Thoughts.  Are They Real Or Are They A Curse?  We Can’t See the Mind.  We See Behavior and Hear Words That Sting. Nostrils Flare.  How Dare.  Lies Hurt.  Should We Judge LIARS or Put Them In God’s Hands?  ‘Cause, if they’re In His Hands, They’re In Good Hands.

Vivian Dixon Sober
© All Rights Reserved


2 thoughts on “Liars

  1. Welcome Back, Bren

    Lying is just not cool. It goes like this. I see a baby. Someone puts me on the spot. “Isn’t she/he cute?” The proud Mom is beaming waiting for my response. Since I know a lie is a lie, I say, “I like his/her eyes. They are so beautiful. Her red hair is beautiful. Where did you find that outfit? It’s adorable. Enjoy your gift from God.”

    Did I lie or capture the beauty of the child through my eyes?


  2. Hi!! Viv,
    You got me to thinking.
    When on earth did lying became a color
    Did it somehow become clean to stab one another?
    Lying has a very addictive power
    I know you will say that’s not me
    Just wait it will soon catch you off you feet
    You will give the words that sting the power of the hour
    Liar’s addiction you can plainly see
    The addiction has really flowered
    Stop and think about what you will say
    The thoughts behind your words
    Don’t just let them sail away
    Know when not to say anything if it is not pleasant
    Because silence sometimes is much better
    When you use the truth it can sting too
    Use truth with thoughts of kindness and season it with love
    Remember before you sting somebody
    Step in front of a mirror say those words to yourself
    Observe your face and how it should have dropped
    This step should be of great help!!

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