I Know You

Recently I was told by an unfamiliar personality but a familiar face “I Know You” while accusing me of unheard of things

I do have morals, integrity, loyalty, and honesty
I don’t have to lie to man, woman, or child
Mere Dust

I’m worried about the spiritual realm, which is real to me. You see me. You know what my building looks like, but you don’t know the character inside. I show you my building because it goes everywhere I go. I can’t leave it at home.  But as far as you knowing me, buddy–I don’t think so–We don’t even speak

So how can you know anything about me. To Bad, To Bad, I say to you. Not to be cliché but somebody lied to You. I’m glad I’ve surpassed judging buildings by their outward appearance. You jumped to an ugly conclusion about me. Don’t know me from a tree–Then had nerve enough to bring it to me.

So I say—I’m finished. You’ve invaded my space. Talking down to me in my face. All over what somebody said, Somebody said…somebody said…somebody who? You. I can’t be a part of the walking dead. I’m closing my door. Now look and judge that!

Vivian Dixon Sober ã 2007
All Rights Reserved


5 thoughts on “I Know You

  1. Bren,

    This is for the Poetess in you and in me. We live in a fast-paced society, and people do not want to take the time to get to know folks, or they place them in classes–like the caste system and the rest is assuming….assume….assume………….

    Look! I don’t want to know people like that anyway. I like down-to-earth people–not people idolizing someone else, or even those who think too much of themselves. Arrogance, I do despise. I Know You is one of my favorite pieces. People don’t know themselves. How in the Pluto Do They Know Me?


  2. 2010/03/19 at 1:36pm
    Hi! Viv
    Knowing somebody is not just plain and simple
    Building judging is a dangerous wild fire
    For apparent reason it has become a past time for some
    Saying what they think they know
    They walked around the building making circles
    “I know this building very well and what it will do”
    “I also know how it will stand too”
    But you just missed the point and blinked your eyes
    The building has changed to another view before you!!
    It is not forced to stay in the same staged place
    Can’t you see this is me making progress at an ongoing pace
    There you stand I can see you because here you are in my face
    “Stop judging “, You’re not even the same
    So the next time you come to my building know that I am developing
    I want to hold on to my personal identity!!

  3. Angela,

    I don’t believe in mistreating people, but I stand. As they say, “It’s nice to be important, but it is more important to be nice.” As you know, many people take advantage of kind folks. Therefore, I fight to When. I do mean When. We must all know When. When it’s time to Fly. When is important. When to let Go! When to leave people alone! When to run for your life (emotionally, spiritually, and physically). I fight to live with When.

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