Who Is Watching You?

While we are busy watching others.  Who is watching  Us?

Who Is Watching  You?  As for me, flesh, mere dust is dying by the moment, aging by the second and have no control of the most important things.

Somebody’s watching you.  You must represent. Society has set the good look-rules.

Running to the rip-off world to restore the fountain of youth. Tuck this! Shape that! Lift this! I have to look like they say, or I’m nobody.  I need to stand on that red carpet.  Now those people are somebody.  

Do You Know Who Is Watching You?  I don’t think we do. 

Who are you watching? The make me look young folks. I want to be beautiful.  The doctors have the knives, but look at them. Fleeting just like time. It’s a business people.  Doctors get sick, grow old, and die too.  You can’t buy youth.  Surgery after surgery, doesn’t buy youth or wisdom.  

Sweet sixteen is gone for most or soon will be. But You Have To Do What Makes You Feel Good, Right?   I think we should look at ourselves and be ourselves regardless of who is watching us.  If it’s flesh……………

Do You Care!  Should we Care?

The spiritual Realm is watching me.  As for man, woman, or child,  I care, but they are not paying my bills.

God created the heavens and the earth and everything above it and below it.  God, please watch over me. As I need you, you do not need me.  Many don’t agree and that’s their choice, but God, Dear God, please watch over me and guide my footsteps. 

It’s important that whom ever is watching me has the power to change my life positively.


2 thoughts on “Who Is Watching You?

  1. Everyone seeks approval. Like I said, I want God to watch over me. He has the ability to help me and to change me. As for the rest, I wish them the same. We’re in a time cycle or a life cycle. It and time are friends. Brings us in at birth and takes us out at death. One way in and one way out.

    I write about the past, create futures, and nows. Other than that, I want to use my time (that’s the secret). I know my time is limited. So I look and I write and I live until I can’t because death doesn’t allow life.

  2. March 22, 2010 victoriouswomen permalink

    Ms V;

    I agree that people are watching me.
    They’re really wondering what I could be
    It really does not matter!!
    What people are saying or thinking?
    Because I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder
    But it has been distorted don’t you think
    We watch the eye that shows us beauty in a fake arena
    Real people are not made in one single shape for goodness sake
    We don’t have money to stay caught in spring
    To be stuck having youthful flings
    We can’t be younthful for all our lives
    Just buying the options that it will be forever
    Not here in this time and place
    Everybody goes through life cycles
    No one on earth could ever stop that!!!
    One last thing I want to mention “Beauty is in all of us”
    No matter how we look
    I did not by the others idea of beauty
    The theory they tried to sell me in using commercialism

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