Judas vs. Judette

The Poetess In Me

What’s wrong with people today? They think I’ve got Eyes and Can’t See. How long will Judas live? He’s been dead many years–or has he?  Judas and Judette are alive with burning missiles in their eyes–existing on jealousy and lies.

When Judas betrayed Jesus, Jesus didn’t try to reason with the reason.  He didn’t concern himself with what Judas had been—The Good Judas—the man with the crooked heart.   He looked at the picture as it was—Betrayal–No Loyalty–a kiss on his cheek and a grin on the betrayer’s face.

Victims often feel indebted to people who show them kindness but forever want them to pay.  Your Price Is Too High. It Isn’t Worth A Dime. Let’s keep this real. 

I’m a lifer–a real friend.  Be Good To Me I Won’t Forget. But If You Think I’m Not Looking At You, You’d Better Think Again:<(.

Appearances can be deceiving—And Seems is just that—Seems.  To bad you saw an opportunity to misuse–instead of a friend that you thought you used, betrayed, and abused. 

 I saw you from my built-in camera–My Eyes.  I put you on zoom and examined you, and I didn’t pay to have the pictures developed You paid with a string of vicious schemes–didn’t think I could see. 

Zoom.  I’ll bet you would not know that icon if you saw it–Zoom
It’s What You Call Getting An Eye Full–An Eye Fulll–Zoom. The eyes never change shape.  They just keep looking at you. And you thought you were cute.

I can’t control other people. I can control who I want in my life. Too bad my reality is your fiction.  That’s why you continued on the path of the intellectual.   The one who knows everything about counting other people’s change.

Anyone who knows me understands it’s not an epiphany for me–another’s reality vs. fiction.  It’s not new news.   How long will Judas and Judette live?  That is an individual decision.

By the way, my address changed.  I used to live on Victim Street.  I moved to a Victorious place, and I only entertain people who know the definition of Respect and Loyalty. As for the two-faced, I’ve got five: Me, Myself, I, Vivian, and The Ms. V. 

Look and learn.  I’m not superior–I’m just no inferior–no inferior is right.  I love light.  People can’t see in the dark–pitch black.

Vivian Dixon Sober
all rights reserved


One thought on “Judas vs. Judette

  1. ..March 22, 2010 Brenda Williams permalink
    Ms V;

    I agree that people are watching me.
    They’re really wondering what I could be
    It really does not matter!!
    What people are saying or thinking?
    Because I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder
    But it has been distorted don’t you think
    We watch the eye that shows us beauty in a fake arena
    Real people are not made in one single shape for goodness sake
    We don’t have money to stay caught in spring
    To be stuck having youthful flings
    We can’t be younthful for all our lives
    Just buying the options that it will be forever
    Not here in this time and place
    Everybody goes through life cycles
    No one on earth could ever stop that!!!
    One last thing I want to mention “Beauty is in all of us”
    No matter how we look
    I did not by the others idea of beauty
    The theory they tried to sell me in using commercialism

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