The Book of Vivian

Welcome to The Book of Vivian.

Do not expect consistency.  I have many rules on many subjects.

Rule One:  Keep a writing pad with you at all times.

Ideas come to you when you least expect. They often seem simple, and we think we can remember them, but how easily we forget.  All writers should always have a pad and pencil or a writing utensil to preserve their thoughts

Rule Two: If you want to write, write.  Don’t worry about the rules of grammar: punctuation, spelling, or formatting. Just Write.  This is important because most of the rules are in reference books—not on the top of our heads.  Don’t chance stopping because you can’t remember what you thought you knew.

Rule Three:  Use your word processor or your computer to write the first draft. Some folks write their entire story on paper.  They, then, type it. Save yourself time and the frustration of reading your own handwriting. Type it and save your work on a thumb drive. The extra time can be used editing your project.

Rule Four:  Don’t Reason with the Reason

Get your thoughts from your mind to the paper.  We are only writing to write.  We are writing to get it out—not to give up because we can’t write.  If you can talk, you can write. Don’t listen to the negative voice within.   It’s a killer.  Fight for your writes.

Rule Five:   Remember, this is your mind, your story, your work.

You may want opinions about your writing. Danger! Danger!  You can’t read everyone your work.  They will change it.  No! Finish it.  They allow anyone to change your work unless it’s your editor.  This is not about being arrogant.  It is about remaining true to yourself.  Opinions are like belly buttons, everyone has one.


3 thoughts on “The Book of Vivian

  1. May 1, 2010


    Thank you from the top of my head to the tips of my toes. I write for me and for anyone who can appreciate my writings. I earned The Book of Vivian. I earned it by offering my love, my blood, my sweat, and my tears. The Book of Vivian, I make the rules, I break the rules, and I respect the superior authorities and, of course, Divine Rules and Laws. The Book of Vivian. is all the way live. Life is not about me. Keep smiling. I have another subject: Women

  2. Bren permalink

    I wanted to leave this word or two. Reading your writing has given me power to look deep into my mind of creativity. And also you have given me reasons to smile about subjects. one example is” The book of Vivan.” Thank you!!!!

  3. Time travels quicker than the mind. Adults, full of greed, are busy protecting the money—the green. Money is a protection that we all need. We can’t lose sight of the real green. In a world filled with speed that no one can impede, who has time for our youths? We must invest in our youths today—as they are our money that will conduct the orchestra tomorrow and we, adults, mere mist—will be gone.

    We must give our youths our time—if not—they or the generations to come will not lead—as they will be lost. Help them! Somebody hear their sound. They are very valuable. While we are too busy peering at our own face, our youths are a terrible thing to waste.

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