White Women Cry Too

I work with Barry—blonde, blue eyes, a hairy man who desires deep chocolate and that I am.  We cater to each other’s needs. He told his wife about me—how I fulfill his needs. White women are so stupid.We walk everyday at lunch. It means so much to us.  You should see how people stare and even glare.  He says he must keep his race pure. Is he sick? Well, he just found his cure—deep chocolate–ghost white

When he’s with me, it’s not about race. It’s about delight
He’s not ashamed to walk with me, and I’m prouder than proud to be with him.
He loves me deeply. 

He didn’t tell me about his promotion. He moved on and I felt demoted.
The walking that meant so much ceased
I cried—nearly died after he left the job scene 

I sat at my desk hard at work. I heard a voice say, “I’ve been promoted. I came back. Life just isn’t the same without you.  I want to see you, everyday.” 

Inside I leaped, but I don’t want him to know how he affects me.
Barry came back—especially for me—and that’s a fact. Revitalized, I sit. 

Our walking commenced–all the time he continued reassuring me that his wife knew everything about me—even that he came back because he missed me. I hold the key to his heart if I say so myself.  White women are so stupid. I’m taking her man. 

Excited, I called my best friend. She’s like my sister. I said, “Barry came back especially for me.  That’s what he said. He caters to me. He works all day. Then he goes home to a dirty house and the soap-opera queen.  I’m his battery.  He said he wants to keep his race pure but since I’m Black—Deep chocolate–I don’t believe that.” 

As always my friend listens and I continue: “White women are stupid. They believe anything. That’s why Black men do back flips for them—so they can play. See they do that nasty stuff that black women just don’t do. Barry’s wife believes everything. She knows about me—knows my name—should know my game.  He tells her everything. I’m a household name. They even drove by my house.”Friend is quiet. What’s up—I wonder—I just gave her a testimonial, “What are you thinking? I finally ask: I really want to know.”

“I don’t want to listen to the Nut anymore.  Can you please put my sisterfriend back on the line?” 

“All righty, hold on. Let me switch hats.  I’m back. You know I’m right. You know I am right.” 

Office Wife.  You’re not even an office wife…………….. Life happens but you are deliberate.  He doesn’t want you. And even if he did I thought you knew White Women Cry Too.”

I slam the phone down while she’s talking. “She’s not my friend. Just a know it all.  Runs her mouth like diarrhea. I’ll have to drop her, and I really liked her. Why do I attract toxic, jealous-hearted people? She’s married to a spook and that’s something I’ll never do. And what does she mean White Women Cry Too.  Like I know what they do. I don’t know nothing about them folks.”

Vivian Dixon Sober
All Rights Reserved



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