Do You See What I See?


Many people are afraid to face their demons. Psychiatrists are good as they listen to the tic tock. They are very interested in you. You talk. They write. The pen stops at the tic tock. But you never notice. Not even when you try to say just one more thing and the doctor walks out the door and hands your file to the person who schedules appointments.

You know what a $ looks like.  Do you know what it feels like?  Worse.  You didn’t feel any better , but at least you left with a prescription.  Sounds like $$$ to me–some people need prescriptions–some need to talk.  Don’t be mislead.

Switch places with the doctor.    Be negative. Face your demons.  Take control  of your pad and let the ink flow.  Tic Tock is silent.  It is between you and your pad. Do you see what I see?  Read your words.  Don’t be afraid to be negative, happy, or sad.  Notice.  Your writing displays a cast.   Cast light on the cast. What do they have to do with you?

I write about the cast. Yes, I put it out there, but whose reality is it? Who am I really writing about? People who face their demons are not running, nor or they trapped in the past. They’re upward bound. They stopped long enough to visit their unhappy places. They understand the whys, and so do I.

I am not one for empty conversations. Seriously.
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