Excerpt From The Book of Vivian

“The purple people. The green people. The pink people. Apricots.” I do not understand these useless conversations. It must be a cultural thing.  ‘Cause I can’t understand the fake and for whose sake.  I asked, “Are you speaking of phony people?”

“You can’t say that, Vivian,” the coordinator details.
“Why not?”
 “It’s against the rules.”
“Who made the rules? I really want to know.  Are there any real people in this room?

Has everyone conformed to societal narcissisms? If so, why? To be somebody, you say.  That’s too bad!  I see robbers. Yes, thieves.  Who are they robbing?  Themselves!  Of what?


If you’re not yourself. you rob yourself.  So we become fake and still can’t relate.  It is a horrible thing to live your gift (your life) without ever knowing you.  The rule maker died and left scared, wannabes behind.  He couldn’t take them with him.  He is finally free.  Now everyone can live up to he who died and left his rules behind.


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