Come to Ma ma

All men–males passed through a female to enter this world male-child,  son and female, male child, son and Mother-male child, son and  Ma Ma. She gazes at her baby boy–her son for the first time “Look at you. I know what real beauty is.  Just the sight of you blows my mind, but you’re a little bossy, aren’t you? 10 pounds, 21 inches–almost ripped me a new one on your journey into this world. That’s OK. Don’t you worry about a thing. You’re my baby. I’ve got you, son. You’re smiling.  Look at you smiling.  I love you too. It’s a huge responsibility for a woman, a mother to raise her male-child to be a man.  You’re looking at me like you don’t know what or who I am.  I am your mother son. I am a woman.”

Son quickly becomes a toddler, a little boy, an adolescent-teen. “I will make the decisions concerning what you do, son.  You  are not a man. I’m teaching you and you’re teaching me.  You can not stay out all night.  I don’t care what Harry’s ma ma let’s him do.  Harry isn’t you, and I am not his mother.  Yes, I’ve heard enough from you, son.  Go and clean your room and do your homework.  Yes, I heard you.  Harry’s ma ma don’t care  it’s (doesn’t care it’s not don’t).  Son, it takes a real mother–a woman to raise her son.  The goal is you are going to be a man.  Yes, I know you are a male, but you will not be a part of the male club.  No! you’re not a man.  You’re a mere boy.  Believe me, I won’t be bossing you around when you’re a man.  Stop talking to me like that. It is unacceptable.  I am teaching you how to treat a woman and life-coping skills. I won’t always be here. It takes a real woman–a mother to raise a man. Yes you can kiss me. Now go do what I asked you to do.”

He’s gone.  Harry’s Ma ma this. Harry’s Ma ma that. The woman is never home. She’s too busy chasing her tail.  There she goes again.  Wears her clothes so tight it looks like skin.  Females like her make women like me look bad.  My son thinks I’m mean.  Harry’s ma ma has no concept of the headship arrangement that I respect–Man, Woman, and child(ren) that many ditch.  Harry’s mother is the MO that fills the society with males.  Son is angry.  He can have emotions.  He’s crying.  A mother can feel her child’s pain. He’ll be back in a minute. He can kiss me, but he can not hang on me.  He’s not five.

I love him too much to take what does not belong to me. His manhood.  I only wish his father felt the same.  It is a huge responsibility for a mother to raise a male-child to be a man. Mothers raise sons.  There is much work to be done.  From where do Ma ma’s boys come? From  weak, overbearing, power-hungry, selfish females who didn’t raise their sons. Ma ma wanted a husband. So she robbed her son.

 Vivian Dixon Sober
All rights reserved

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2 thoughts on “Come to Ma ma

  1. Comment: Hi! Ma ma v MotherMa ma!! What have you done?Baby boy can’t even think right.He sticks closer to you than colors on a flower.And you had nerve enough to want him married.This baby that you carried.Mama talks to baby boy he’s grown up as you can observe.Come on baby boy!!….I will allow you to marry.You need someone else to walk the road of life with you.Baby boy you have become a man!!I’ll be right there every step of the way.That poor women did not see you two coming.His wife is so in love ….she can’t even see!!Look at what an unbalanced grown up he came to be.Not knowing how to draw the lines of separation.He needed be strong and loving to keep ma ma from crossing the mother line. Ma ma started out as a dutiful mother.One day she looked at baby boy and said “I am never letting him get away”I refuse to become lonely in this stage of my life.Huh!!Who cares what outsiders think?Baby boy is my son.A mother raises her children with good foundations.To became men and women of the highest caliber. Knowing how to show competence in dealing with life.I say thank you mothers for not falling apart.

    1. It’s a horrible thing to be married to a Ma Ma’s boy, but the females who raised Ma Ma’s boys must be miserable. This is what they say about their daughters-in law. “She’s not good enough for my son. She not this…not that…not…don’t like….I told my son to leave her.

      Ma Ma earned her misery.

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