He Wants Me!

My Response to mothers who don’t feel sexy.

“Let me get my flirt on. He’s smiling at me,” I thought, as I asked a young man for his assistance.

He said, “Follow me sir.”

“Sir,” I responded, “C’mon now.”

“Madam, I assure you.  Believe me, you do not look like a man.”

“Yeah, ’cause I looked in the mirror before I left home.”

“Believe me, it is my mistake.” He smiles and helps me very graciously.

Every woman wants to feel beautiful.  My mom helped me to see the light. We sat downtown on a park bench watching people walk by.  I saw beautiful young ladies with flat stomachs and the gym look.  I said to my mother, “Youth is beautiful.” She said, “We used to look like that. I know you’re not that stupid. Those women are aging as they walk.  Youth is fleeting.”

I was in my early 40s then.  I’m the first to admit, I want to look good.  But, I don’t see age when I look in my mirror. I have a friend who says, “I don’t want nothing old and that includes money.”

I saw a vending machine, took out a wrinkled dollar and attempted to get a soda.  The money was too old.  The machine spit it out.  I thought about friendgirl. With that said, that machine had the wrong mentality:)
Though friendgirl will disagree.  She’d say, that machine knows exactly what it wants.

I like the mind.  My man must be intelligent and know how to treat a woman.  He has to be in tune to a woman’s emotional needs.  In my opinion, an older man may very well fit my bill.  I just want him to take care of himself. Wisdom is more valuable than money—though I appreciate and need money.  I said all that to say this:  After the kids are in bed, girly up.

Then look at yourself in the mirror until you see your beauty or sexy mama.  Remember, we haven’t always been mothers. The kids will be grown soon, and you will still have to look at you.  I’m beautiful because I exist, and so is every woman in the world.  Every human being entered this world through a woman. Do you remember how cute you were when you were giving birth? I wasn’t as cute as I am now and I had youth.

My friends and I are sexy women.

Beyoncé and Tina Turner performed together—side by side.  Beyoncé is pretty.  Who can deny? But Tina Turner is beautiful through my eyes.  She’s lived longer and has wisdom that comes with the aging process.


3 thoughts on “He Wants Me!

  1. Hi Vivian!!!

    Mothers who don’t feel sexy.
    This is what the trying journey comes to be about.
    First the expedition was planned or so you think in the innocence of your mind.
    It becomes a pleasurable purpose for your agenda to look for a good man.
    The man you love will keep saying “You are sexy my lady always”.
    While you are young it does not take a lot of work to keep the morphed monster back.
    That inherited body that appears from time to time.
    When the mothers were young phases of sexiness come about like sand on a beach.
    After the children came along there went the body barreling down the street.
    It took days and years of motivational exercise to get sexy back.
    Because the morphed body tried or even in some cases made itself at home.
    What’s more the aging process did not help one bit with the matter.
    Furthermore we are made to think sexy is only in the young woman’s reach.
    You are put out to be any old maiden at 40 years old and a senior at 50.
    Let me tell you what sexy would say to me if it could talk.
    So long Ms Bren I just got to go!!!
    Here is my brother “Your looking good’’ and my cousin “You dress well”
    To be honest I knew sexy had to run with a swift flee.
    But it does not mean I do not feel good about me.
    Know that you look good to yourself that’s what it is all about.
    So what if sexy never comes back and I look like a prune walking from here to there.
    I know too that nobody can’t escape the stalkings of aging.

    1. Here we go again, Bren,

      “I was cute in my day.” Now remember Victorious Women can be compared to caterpillars and butterflies—a metamorphosis—the change from a caterpillar into a butterfly—all things in time. The aging process is what it is. Do you want to talk about men? There he goes chasing the wind. I have always wanted to look attractive for me.

      I like personalities. After I meet, greet, and talk to people, I don’t always see their abodes. I see the beauty of the human being. Keeping it real, we all notice the physical first. Is he or she cute we ask? Beauty doesn’t belong to youth. I met a beautiful woman in her 90s last weekend. If I were judging a beauty pageant, she won. I’m going to be true to myself, but as you say, “headed south” is a reality, but too many people die young and wish they could “head south” pick those body parts off the ground. Girdle them down, push them up; Photoshop.

      When all else fades, beauty dwells within. You and me is friends and we is cute.

  2. If I say I love you, I don’t mean I am in love with you. I only mean I love you. I am happy to know you. You enhance my life. I actually call or write the specials in my life and tell them that I love them. It is appreciation. The people that I love Don’t Twist it. They love me too.

    My love is keen and clean.

    Vivian Dixon Sober

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