A Excerpt From The Book of Vivian

I promised to respond to people who contact me respectfully.  I received a comment from a woman who believes victims run the world, and, therefore, get ahead.  She felt that “victims use their status to receive 15 minutes of fame.”  I thank her for writing me.  Yourdictionary.com explains a victim as “someone or something killed, destroyed, injured, or otherwise harmed by, or suffering from, some act, condition, or circumstance.”

In my opinion, all people—men, women, and children are victims at some time in their life.  I’m not on the throne of judgment.  Life is hard on people.  Whatever line they have to stand in is their business.  Most people who stand in mercy lines have swallowed their guts only to find God at the head of the line—a human being saying mean things to add to his or her humiliation.  I have been there. I am just not in it like that.  I will not target what I do not know. We all know how we entered this world, but do we know how we are leaving?

Predators and Victims are different.  I know the difference.
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