Broken Arrow

Bing lost her mother and expresses her sorrow on Victorious Women.  I honor.  I grieve.   

In honor of the mother who lays in Terell Broady Funeral Home In Tennessee 6-14-2010.

Broken Arrow 

Crushed, Broken, Left for dead
Who could remember what she said
Looking for a son who could never grow up
To her funeral he’d never show up

She didn’t deserve to die that way
Quiet as a house mouse there she lay
Eyes, Heart all organs out
It makes you wonder, cry, and shout

9 children she had during her day
Not one of them could pay her way
As an archer shoots his arrow
Who would think she’d have no marrow
The arrow is heading straight ahead
I grieve for my mother who lay there dead

The arrow splits turns and miss
For the owner it’s trying to hit
To go to the heart that has a hole
Back to its owner that has no soul

By Bing
June 24, 2010


One thought on “Broken Arrow

  1. Bing,

    Together we grieve. I’m so sorry that your mother died. Thank you for expressing your thoughts. This posts will remain until your mother’s body is respected and an honorable burial is finalized.

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