Let Me Set the Matter Straight

It is the parents or guardians responsibility to work with teachers and school administrators.  It is participatory.  True!  Some parents do not know their right from their left.  Parents, we can not treat our children as if they are the meager results of sexual gratification.  What does that do to a child’s self-esteem?

Some parents can’t teach their own children—especially if they haven’t helped them on their educational journey. Now it’s the teacher’s responsibility to teach your children?  Righty O.  I don’t think so!

The school system is broke.  I mean busted—cracked, shattered, and on its way to smithereens. Wait! I know parents who thought that buying their children the newest gadgets, gismos, and clothes, was the answer.  If you knew better, would you do better?   You need to know you failed to teach your children—took the easy way out—passed down your headaches or disciplinary problems to educators.

I honored a huge responsibility—the responsibility of teaching my own.   

Parents should not drop the ball (their children) and just hand them over to the educational system.  Do you really believe that teachers are in love with your children?

Love lost at home equals disciplinary problems for too many teachers.  School teachers are not innocent either.  They often create problems for their students by profiling them.  I was an active parent problem, and I didn’t drop the ball.  When it comes to mine, I was there—in it like a web.  It is a catch-twenty-two.

I have no Respect for the Ingrates, but I still have a smile on my face because it takes a real woman to raise her own children—let alone some one else’s. 

The matter is now straight!


2 thoughts on “Let Me Set the Matter Straight

  1. Hi! Ms V
    I am writing this because.
    The matter should be straightened out!
    A mother’s job should not be short sighted.
    This job has been taken on by the mother rightly.
    But you see she gets very little time off.
    It depends on how many children she has to raise these days.
    The children education is very important to her.
    This mother that runs around with no meaningful job.
    Because a mother does not flat line her children’s learning levels
    She teaches each and everyone individually so that they will be intelligent.
    The goals she has set for them has become her master plan.
    The problem parent yes indeed she is now!
    One day the mother receives a phone call.
    “Mother I need you to schedule a meeting as early as tomorrow. “
    Now the school has opened the door to the mother’s children educational survival.
    She trusted the school for a minute now that’s totally over.
    This is what they meant when the phone call was made.
    “Your children are going to fail if you lag any longer.”
    Even though the call was made at the last minute of the child’s educational disaster.
    Mothers do not want their children to become educationally damaged.
    A well balanced child is what she will raise.
    Teaching them the skills of work and work ethics are also taught in the master planning
    Master plans are extensive it also includes being a personal assistant.
    So when the children are adults.
    They can move out of the house and make it on their own.
    Finally seeing their mother in her aging maturity.
    They get a chance to give back to their mother for giving them the best of her days.
    Taking care of her now in her old age.

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