Excerpt from The Book of Vivian–Teach People How To Treat You

Victorious Women do not help people disrespect them.  I am a Victorious Woman.  I ride with Victorious People.  I Don’t Write Just To Write.  Writing saved my life.  I abide by my own rules, or why bother?  You are not allowed to Disrespect Me, Play me Blind, and Kick me with Disgrace. 

I Don’t Play Peek-a-Boo.  I’m Looking at You. 

I gave you a chain.  You looked for the weakest link.  That sounds like your problem–not mine.  I gave you a rope–a long rope.  You misused it and hung yourself.  I do not hang people.  I am not a criminal, but I do give you the time to show me the real you.  Too many folks take kindness for weakness–compassion for treason.  That’s too bad!  I’m sorry you feel that way.

It is a privilege to ride with me–Not Your Right!  Not Your Right!

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One thought on “Excerpt from The Book of Vivian–Teach People How To Treat You

  1. Do you think I am going to allow you to stomp on my grounds? I have been through too much. I am not trying to win a war or a battle. I already won. I can see you. I am not looking through blind eyes. That is a blessing. Some folks never wake up. This is for the folks who helped me wake up. Thank you. Toot-toot! Let’s Get This Show on The Road.

    I can show you better than I can tell you. When people are not listening to you, they continue to disrespect. They cross boundaries—yours and mine. They do not understand the Arms-length-plus-propped-palm space indicator. Stretch out your arm and post your palm. Your face is behind my palm. It’s not a disrespectful place to be. You’ve got my attention. I can hear you. You can hear me, and we do not smell each other’s breath. It’s called proximity. No nose to nose disrespecting or confortations. In your face! Whose face? Not mine.

    As for assumptions, I can’t control what other people think. Don’t assume it’s all right with me because it’s all right with you. I have issues with people who think they can control the who, what, and how’s in my life. I’m not under a dictatorship. Didn’t I tell you I moved? I don’t make the decisions in your life. Understand.

    It is all about Respect! What about this do you not understand? I got this. From me to you.

    Vivian Dixon Sober

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