mere strangers
you’re likely to see only once in your life
can have an eye-opening affect on your entire life

I am backstage during a traveling Broadway play
helping the performers change costumes between scenes
acting is for me 
I am where I’m supposed to be
with other performers just like me
a husband I will meet indeed

it didn’t take long for me to see the men
swung their hips like the waves of the sea 
they offered me a place to live

if I moved to New York
I could travel with them

“honey,” a strange man calls to me,“I know you think this life is cool. I am not trying to discourage you. I’ve been watching and can see you’re very special abandon your dream. This life is just not what it seems. It is not for you listen to me”

with a hole in my heart
I know it is true
my soul is definitely incomplete
no matter what activity I steep

the hole is replete when I find life eternally
my vices inhibit me
a passer-by says, “if you are waiting until you are perfect, it will never be.”

she knows not how she affected me.

I am in the law library and say to another, “I attract negative friends who steal from me. They claim my style. I mean literally set out to be the clothes. I tell them everything I know, and then they leave with all my business. I can’t keep a friend. They wish me dead. Until I can change the people I attract, I detract from men.  I’m not looking for a boy toy.  I want a real man.  Are there any left?  And as for women, I don’t want them as friends.” 

an older lady listening interrupts, “honey, she says, “don’t worry about changing others. change you. we attract what we are. work on your self-esteem and you will see those type of people will not be attracted to you.” 

I did
still don’t have many friends
but passers-by do not know me to lie to me

I notice people with minds who are kind cross my path and that I like plus spending time with me, myself, and I
a person I used to despise

Vivian Dixon Sober
© All Rights Reserved



One thought on “Passers-by

  1. I dedicate this piece to all of the people who thought enough of me to speak to me. I heard you and I thank you so very, very, much.

    Of course, I would not know you, if I saw you. Otherwise, I would speak to you directly. From me to you whoever you are, you were human angels in my life. Said something to me I needed to hear. I don’t know why I listened, but I did. Your words cling to me. Even if you told me when I was a kid. I promised a young Man I would say thank you to all of you who positively influenced me.

    Thank you to the passers-by in my life

    Vivian Dixon Sober

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