Beauty isBelieve What You See!  

Lights!  Camera! Action!  Vivian Dixon Sober is genuine.  I’m not on  Stage.  You Are.  I’m In the audience in my seat.   I’m Not In The Seat That You Chose For Me, and I never will be.  Toss it.

Listen Closely!  This is Important! 

SEE!  HEAR!  They are Human Beings. Lights!  Camera! Action!

Hum, “I See,” said the blind man.   I see people on the sneak taking advantage of the disadvantaged.   It is very sad.  The air has changed.  A place I once loved I now hate. 

I smell old scents that were always there.  I, blinded by what I thought was kindness, will not do the 32-teeth dance.   

Greed and jealousy are  so unattractive.    What did it take for me to see?  Racism!  Jealously!  If you think you tossed white, I only saw but failed to catch–to accept your indignation of me.  When you look at me, you’re on Front Street.  You better Believe.  I see behind the smile and schemes. People pretending to care about folks our society made weak.   I have no respect for those who take advantage of the traumatized. 

One man cares.  He’s being used for financial gain.  He sweats as if he is a sauna.  What does he get?  A legacy you say.  Taking advantage of a broken soul.  Took his cause and made it your own. 

He didn’t recognize his desire to feel needed, to feel important, but you did, and you played the trump card–on another man’s heart.  Friends don’t hurt friends unless they were never friends.  If all it took was your presentation of greed and a suggestion that a person become a Judassight, loyalty misplaced just killed a friend.   That is too bad, but it is going to come back and bite you in the ….

 Of course, you do not care about the dark hole of depression friend is in.  You got what you want.   You’re on top of the world.  The mountain of greed.  You will eat like fat cats. And still won’t feed the hungry free.  

I respect a man with the scales of justice. 

It hurts to see the light.   I am not in the dark–just my complexion.  It’s a Lovely pecan brown. 

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