Excerpt From The Book of Vivian:Happiness vs. Zip Codes

How long will you run from yourself?  Happiness comes from within.  You will find not happiness and peace running From House to House From Door To Door From City To City From State to State From Country to Country. 

Open up your hand and catch this.   It is Free.  Free.  We Can Not Run from ourselves and continue to blame others because we are not happy.

I’ve got issues!  But I’m happy.  I hold the keys to my own inner peace.  If you do not know this, you need to know it.  I know it.  I’m sharing it with you.  Free.  This is free. Stop in name of loving you and work you out.  Work you out!

Zip Codes are only zip codes.   Find you.  If you are looking for happiness in a zip code.  Stop!  Look in the mirror and start there.