Life is not about having fun
Squandering time
Will make me forget life is a battlefield
Lose sight
I’d like

Life is serious
Many goings-on
If I fail to look to the right, left, forward, behind, and even inside
Could mean my life

So many things designed to make me focus on me
No ch-ching 
Too many beans but what will tomorrow bring

I’m a Soldier
Got to stay focused
An unfocused soldier doesn’t make it home

There is a line a few feet in front of me
Can’t confuse it with when’s, whys, and whines 

Sometimes I can’t see it

I see the mundane
It’s a social thing
I’m a Soldier in life’s battlefield

Fighting for my life
Can’t lose sight

Lose what I lose
People and things
People and things

How can I search for a lost me
He will help me find my way
I’m in a battle for my life
Let them all eat cake

I have much water to drink
I can’t look behind

Light and Dark
Dark and Light

I must stay focused
‘Cause I’m a Soldier in life’s battlefield

What is Fear?

Vivian Dixon Sober
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