A Painless Love Affair

We’ve been together for years
Oh! How I love you and will never leave you—not even think about it 

“What divorce did you say?
No! No!” Our love captures the hearts of many and the divorce rate is zero

Sweet heart, please excuse me for glaring at you
You are my show
Nothing boring about you

No drifts–No drifts
Don’t you love our ship
We are not balloons–No Floats–No Floats
Let’s show ’em how to coast

You, my proverbial queen, you have my undivided attention
I hear every word you say
They don’t fall on deaf ears
We’ve been together for years

I’ll never push the mute button as you are my constant companion
I notice all the sexy outfits you wear

We make love from dawn to dusk and even all night without let up
I will never turn you off or call you names because baby I am ambidextrous
It doesn’t matter which hand holds you
I will always protect you and handle you with care

I love you so much I’ll never let you go
There is no love greater than ours
Not one I care to know
I would die without you
My darling television remote control

Vivian Dixon Sober©
Protected by Copyscape Online Plagiarism Checker


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