Weigh Out Mothers


One thought on “Weigh Out Mothers

  1. Excerpt From: The Book of Vivian

    Daughters, you do not have to listen to your mother when she is disrespecting you. Just walk away gracefully. Respect her from a distance.

    Mothers, if you can’t hear what you are saying to hurt your children, get yourself a tape recorder and talk to it. We don’t have the right to steal our children’s self-esteem. I love mine enough to let her live her life. She’s an adult. Now it’s my time. If it’s not your time, that sounds like your problem. However, it’s not “berate your children’s time.”

    Any parent, including me, who really believes he or she can say anything they want to say to their young children is wrong. Parents with young children are often young themselves–not an excuse–but perhaps your childgrowns will look back and understand that you had issues–that you were young too.

    Wrong is wrong, but, as the adage goes, There is certainly no fool like an old fool

    Lay off! And seek professional help before you become a “we don’t care where you go, but you got to get out of here.”

    Vivian Dixon Sober

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