Men o pause

Men o pause is on my mind.  Why have men paused?  I used to believe men were strong. But I guess I have lived too long.  I see men I don’t understand. I thought they were single thinkers until I saw their wives pointing their fingers, huffing and puffing—blown up like plastic dolls with too much air sitting next to their husbands taking up two or three chairs.  Men look wimpy and wives overbearingly strong.  I know I am looking at Men o pause. 

Is Men o pause about women or men?  Well, men pause from taking the lead.  They look like they are driving, but they are sitting in the back seat.  Women complain about their men. Why are they complaining? They like Men o pause. 

Bossy and overbearing man-shes have helped change the face of masculinity.  Women can’t find men.  They are going through menopause.  Um, I really think women created men o pause.  Some Men have paused and with good cause.

Who can respect Men o pause?  “Jump!”

“How high did you say?”

 I really do not want to believe what I see.  Men have become a dying race.

Victorious Women support their Victorious Men.    No Control Flow.  If so, Men o pause

Let Him Be!
Let Her Be
Together We BE!

Vivian Dixon Sober©
All Rights Reserved


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