Through God’s Eyes

“How are you doing?” I ask a woman I spent hours with last week. “I’m back because I want to correct this problem on my account.  I see it’s not straight, but it is important to me.”

 A woman comes over and says the manager is out of the office but this woman who is helping me again is a specialist in her field—in the area that I need. “Well, let’s try it again,” I say, to let’s call her Customer Service (CS). 

CS takes the forms from my hand and examines them.  She goes into her database and starts typing. I’m waiting patiently.  I thought.  Though perturbed, I have a hold of my emotions. I just want it right.  After all, it is my business, but I really try hard not to make other people’s lives unbearable.  I’m not sure why CS is staring at me.

 “If only we understood the many tests we have to pass daily,” she says, “If you were a spiritual person, you’d understand how God feels about mistakes. Through his eyes. If only you could see yourself through God’s eyes.”

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that concept is too deep for any human being to comprehend.

 “CS, you’re right. Seeing that I am not God, I wouldn’t see myself through His eyes.  Though I strive to be a spiritual person, I’ll never be in a position to see myself through God’s eyes. I wasn’t aware that I was being rude to you.  I only want what I pay for and deserve.”

“You’re absolutely right.  You’re not being rude. I wonder what I look like through God’s eyes.  I’ll bet it’d be pages and pages of corrections, huh?  You are one blessed lady.” 

 She’s smiling.   She hugs me. “I know you.  I have worked with you on this.  You have my card.  Come back and no matter if we have to contact the higher-ups.  I will fix this.  Let God work it out.  Remember, He is our guide.  He will guide you. That’s what He said. You are very special.”  She hesitates, “Through His eyes.”

I left rather cautiously.  I can’t handle Through God’s Eyes.  I’ll just work hard and continue to strive to be a spiritual person based on continuing to learn and apply Bible principles.  I can barely handle seeing me through my eyes. 

Through God’s Eyes seems to be an issue for many today.  People can tell you what God is thinking—they know the mind of God?  I think Not!

My site is not a religious site, but I do strive to be a spiritual person.  It only seems right.  It feels right.  I do not recognize all Gods, but I recognize mine.  I will leave the judging to Him as it is a weighty responsibility.

I am happy to know that God’s views are not like man’s.  He doesn’t smile in your face and stab you in your back.  I free myself from man and his judgments.   You see, he is already in a place that I will never be—the judgment seat.  Listen to him speak. 

I’d rather enjoy the beauty of God’s creation: The mountains, the oceans, the trees, life forms.  Silent but loud.  I can hear it.  I can see it. I bow down!

Vivian Dixon Sober
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