Yak a dee, Yak, Yak!


To some people change is a subject for gossip.
Did you hear this…that…”   And?
Yak a dee, Yak, Yak

Tomorrow.  Oh, not even tomorrow but today.   You, yourself,  got it without delay.  Pink.  

Don’t want anyone to know.  It was all right when you were running your lips about so and so, and now you’re in a sinking ship—still yakking—what time is it?  Stop! 

Look! Capability has nothing to do with stability these days.

Life is constantly changing.  No one can stop it.  You can. 
Then stop it  It’s in constant flight.  Catch it if you can.  In you it takes no delight.  You, tryin’ to stop time, it’s not worth your efforts—as time ceases only in your mind.

As I travel on my journey of change, I see you, the past, staring me in my face.  I am truly sick of yesterdays.  I gaze at you but can’t accommodate. 

Change without fear feels free.  I see life passing me by.  I see Fake smiles.  I hear words shot with pointed arrows unmistakably.  False comforters maybe.

Wish I could make excuses for you.  How can I?   I’m not supposed to understand the difference between day and night between how and why.   Your time has passed.  I have nothing more to say.  I walk through the door to greet change.

You can not build happiness on some one else’s pain, and that, Gossip can’t change.

Vivian Dixon Sober
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