If You Haven’t Met Mem Nahadr, Here She Is

Mem: If being yourself, and loving yourself is influential, I am pleased. We are all beautiful, but useless if not known to ourselves. When we see ourselves in others, and remember that nothing created is ugly, only interpreted as such…. we thrive. ….. and I love RED babygurl….. she should see me in my BLUE lipstick….. would that be ‘HIP’ enough?? lolol!

Truly thank you for being a treasure VDS….. your words lift my heart and encourage greatly….. WE WILL HAVE TEA ONE DAY!!!!!


Mem: Greetings Ms. V……

It is always, always a good day when I get a note from you.
Apparently, You are doing well, and receiving gifts from Heaven indeed. Congrats G-Mama!!! Yeah, there will Definitely be a Change In Your Life….. not only is a grandchild a mirror miniture…… It’s Mind Altering. You see it all when you do it again, but not like before…..

You’ll see…….

As for “You”….. Go Viv Go!!!! Nothing Like It….. It’s why I learned to perform and create. I knew myself and loved myself more than ever…… As a matter of fact….. If you keep a good bead on Your own Heart and Mind….. You’ll literally nurture everything, and everyone around You “Simultaneously”. It’s amazing how it works………

Faith in Yourself……
Love for Your Own……
Light Everywhere……

Uh…. by the way…… if you have a good rapport with your own heart….. You know me.

I’m a child of Love,….. like yourself…… you know….. Sisters.

Yay Grandma!!!!!

Vivian: Thank you,
I have a good rapport with my heart, so I know you.
Be safe in your travels and have fun. One of these days, I’ll be looking at you face to face. I’d come to your show, girl and wouldn’t ask for back stage passes. Yes I would! Yes, I would!

Vivian: Can I place your comment on my Victorious Women site? I wouldn’t do it without permission.

Sister V

Mem: Yes….. Of course. Peace and Light….. M.

3 thoughts on “If You Haven’t Met Mem Nahadr, Here She Is

  1. Mem and I are fb friends. She’s much more than glamour shot. When it comes to public figures, she’s the winner. She never refers to herself as a public figure. She is what she is—an international performing artist. If you haven’t heard of her, check her out folks. I posted her on my fb but never noticed any likes—except for mine. Bren, of Discovery of Differences, found her through research. I saw myself in her and began corresponding. I am not pleased with my fb celebrities—according to whomever—not me. People are people. When I step out in public—H—I’m a public figure—Hello!

    Don’t Bow Down. I’m not God. I’m very close to the soil. I only wish others were. Cause I ain’t by myself. As far as my net worth, oh well.. I hope to never define myself by green—it’s not my favorite color—though a need. Check Mem out please!

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