The Promise

In 2019, I promise to love me from the inside out
I promise to associate with positive energy only
I promise to only do things that make me happy
I’m on a Victorious Journey of riding with kind people
This is about action
About taking action
I’m a woman
A delightful gift
I’ve never liked games
Being a mother is the hardest challenge I’ve ever had
I delivered
Only a woman could do what I did
I delivered
No one is manipulating me
I opt out of seeking pain
Give it to the sacrificial lamb
He’s got you
I’ve made many mistakes
I bought my sense
Quite expensive
Kindness is often viewed as a weakness
It is actually a strength
Kindness is powerful
But love even more
I’m the Victorious Vivian
a victorious woman
of Victorious Women
Respect is not optional
Visions belong to those who see
I see
I hear
I understand
I promise not to sacrifice my soul and
Not to throw my pearls before swine

Vivian Dixon Sober







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