Keep Your Reality

Has someone told you what you said? As you listen, you understand something very important.  You’ve never heard it before. However, this is important because it questions reality. Are we accountable for our reality? Is reality subjective, objective, or even important?  Reality is defined as 

Let’s hope we don’t end up under oath on a witness stand or talking to the authorities.

The human mind is deeper than anyone knows. There are such things as facts and only fools argue over facts.  What do you do when someone really believes you said something that you know you didn’t say? You were the star of a twisted mind.

Are we all mentally ill to some degree?

Does it matter what happened if nothing happened? If there’s no problem, is there a problem?

When do we fix things? When do we toss them out?  Do I care enough about other people to listen? Absolutely.  And I care enough about me to choose my battles. I admit I’m not reading the same book as these folks. I prefer nonfiction.

It is best to allow people to keep their reality.  Who can change someone else’s reality?

Peace is an important achievement.  Spirit snipers are people who don’t like you. They are miserable.  Keep them at a distance.


Vivian Dixon Sober